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Atomo is a beanless coffee that tastes great and does good. Since 2019, we've been building great-tasting coffee using science and technology. We've accomplished the molecular signature and premium taste profiles of coffee—without the coffee bean. Delicious? Absolutely. Is it caffeinated? You bet.

Atomo challenges the notion that there is a standard identity for coffee.

Atomo has reverse-engineered the coffee bean to create a beanless coffee that delivers the same great taste of conventional coffee without the waste or deforestation that threatens our planet.

Atomo is paving the way for delicious, sustainable solutions to the ever-increasing demand for coffee.

Drought, frost, as well as rising temperatures, have made current coffee growing regions less suitable, leading growers to deforest areas of virgin rainforest uphill to reach more tolerable climates for their coffee plantations.

Additionally, the demand for coffee is increasing year after year, and when combined with the challenges of climate change, this in turn will impact the consumer through price and availability. Atomo has pioneered a breakthrough technology that will be part of the solution for future generations to be able to continue enjoying their favorite coffees.

Atomo scientists have been developing intellectual property and working on recreating every aspect of the coffee category—from grounds, to cold brew, to beans—without the bean.

Atomo seeks to be part of the coffee ritual, not to replace it.

Atomo Coffee is made using upcycled ingredients, processed and air roasted. Our coffee is processed into a concentrate and made ready to drink, featuring the same molecular signature of conventional coffee. The difference? It is the most sustainable coffee on the planet.

Tastes great, does good.

Atomo customers care about their impact on the planet and want to make sustainable choices every day. With Atomo, every morning can start with a coffee that's better for the planet.

Want to learn more about Atomo, or want to help us in our sustainable coffee efforts? Get in touch with us for press inquiries or investment opportunities.

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