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Atomo Coffee

Cans oF Coffee Cans oF Coffee
brewing real change

Atomo is refreshing coffee lovers with great tasting beanless coffee that does great things for the planet. It’s coffee that loves us back, brewing a brighter future for all of us.

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taste, perfected.

Taste designed at a molecular level using natural ingredients delivering a premium coffee experience with every sip.

It’s coffee as it should be.

three great flavors

classic black

Well-rounded medium roast cup with hints of cocoa, dark fruit and a hint of smoke. View details

ultra smooth

Subtly sweet, caramelized roast profile and balanced body with pleasing notes of bitterness and acidity. View details

oat milk latte

Our coffee-first Latte boasts a splash of Minor Figures oat milk and slight sweetness to complete its nutty, roasted cocoa notes. View details
every sip saves the planet

Traditional coffee is highly impacted by changing climate and growing practices which have an undesirable impact on the environment. Cup for cup, Atomo empowers you to enjoy coffee you love without sacrificing the planet you live on.

Cans oF Coffee Cans oF Coffee

inside beanless coffee

Upcycled Date Seeds are soaked with a proprietary blend of ingredients (including grape, chicory, tea sourced caffeine and other natural flavors), air roasted and brewed to deliver the most innovative, tasty and sustainable cup of coffee available.

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