Molecular Coffee

it all started with a question

Is it possible to create a great tasting cup of coffee without using coffee beans?



but, why would you want coffee without the bean? 

If you love coffee as much as we do, it’s difficult to imagine that your lovely morning cup was grown by large corporate farms using harmful pesticides and razing virgin rainforests - but that’s exactly how 88% of coffee is grown today. The 12% of beans lucky enough to be grown by loving farmers still can’t escape the cruel brunt of global warming, resulting in multi-year droughts and increased disease. These unfortunate farming conditions have encouraged corporate farms to specialize in low-quality coffee plants which have greater resistance to drought and disease. And that’s where we stand today… the vast majority of coffee plants are low-quality, yet the global demand for high-quality coffee is growing year-over-year with no end in sight. Rather than continuing our destructive farming practices, we think there’s a better way to make a great tasting cup of coffee.


No deforestation for my morning cup.

Saving the planet, one cup at a time. 

what’s the formula for a perfect cup of coffee?

analyze the chemical compounds IN a cup of coffee - and copy it. And that’s exactly what we’re doing today.


Taste & Aroma

We’ve identified at least 45 aroma compounds that make coffee smell and taste like coffee. We’re choosing our favorites to create our ALPHA CUP.  

black coffee pour.jpg

body & mouthfeel

Not too thick, not too thin; great coffee has headspace, swallow-breath, and generally feels like a cozy sweater in your mouth. 



It wouldn’t be a party without our favorite molecule caffeine. And as an added benefit, we’re leaving other potentially harmful carcinogens out of our coffee.


We are food scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs & coffee lovers…

and We’re passionate about creating a revolutionary cup of coffee containing all the aroma, flavor, caffeine and health benefits of coffee without the bean.

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